Terms and Conditions

Truckee Reservations Terms and Conditions

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  For Reservations with an arrival date of less than 3 days from current day, call to book. All reservations will need to be confirmed by a reservation specialist.
Check in time 4:00 PM
Check out time 11:00 AM, except during holiday periods when it is 10:00 AM

No Check-ins on December 24, December 25, December 31 or January 1 or any other holiday 
Holidays with a 3 night minimum: President's Weekend, Ski/Skate Week, 4th of July and Labor Day weekend

Holidays with a 4 night minimumare: The week before Christmas thru New Years 

Cancellation Fees & Policies    
All reservations are paid in full at the time of reservation. You may change or cancel your reservation sixty (60) days prior to your scheduled arrival date with a $100 transaction fee. Cancellations made within sixty (60) days of your arrival date will be charged the full amount of the reservation, unless the property is re-rented for the same period. If re-rented, you will be charged for the un-rented portion of that reservation period in the event that only a portion of that time period can be re-rented, and a $50 transaction fee will be charged.

There are no refunds due to poor snow conditions, severe weather, road closures, traffic delays, early departures, illness or injury, mechanical breakdown, or household appliance failure.  

All of our rental units are pet free unless advertised as Pet Friendly. There are to be no pets inside the homes, in the garage, on the decks or porches, or on the surrounding grounds. Subsequent guests may be affected by or allergic to pet hair and/or dander. In the event we should find evidence of pets on the premises, all necessary cleaning measures will be taken to restore the home to a pet free environment. This cleaning includes, but is not limited to carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning at a minimum charge of $1500. This charge will be added to the credit card of record for your reservation. Please inform all members of your party and your guests. We may have homes in our inventory that are Pet Friendly Please call our office for details. 

No Smoking
All Truckee Reservations Homes are smoke free. There is to be no smoking inside the homes, in the garage, on the decks or porches, or on the surrounding grounds. In the event we should find evidence of smoking on the premises, all necessary cleaning measures will be taken to restore the home to a smoke free environment. This cleaning includes, but is not limited to carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning at a minimum charge of $1500. This charge will be added to the credit card of record for your reservation. Please inform all members of your party and your guests.

Our mountain community may experience freezing temperatures in any month of the year. Please, never turn off the heating system. Please, never set the thermostat below 55*. Upon exiting the home at any time, or upon vacating the premises, always insure that the heating system is on and the thermostat is set no lower than 55*. Freeze damage as a result of guest negligence, including but not limited to the structure, any plumbing and appliances, fixtures, flooring, carpets and amenities and landscaping will become the financial responsibility of the renter of record.

Noise and Noxious Activities
The Town of Truckee has a 10:00 PM to 6 AM curfew on noise which Tahoe Donner adheres to as well. If tenants conduct activities that become an unreasonable annoyance or a nuisance to neighboring property owners, fines may be assessed to the tenant. This is a quiet neighborhood, so please be respectful of the neighbors. 

We will issue guests a maximum of one key per rental property. Please notice that there is a $10 charge per lost key. Lockouts that require maintenance or sales staff assistance will be charged at $75 per visit. All charges will be added to the credit card of record for your reservation. Guests are not authorized to make copies of any Truckee Reservations keys. Do not remove key from lockbox.

Lost & Found
Truckee Reservations is not responsible for any items left in the rental property. Guests are required to notify Truckee Reservations of any items lost or left behind.  We will make every effort to search the rental property for lost items. If we find your items, we will notify you and package them for shipping. You will be responsible for any costs associated with packaging and shipping any items, as well as a 25% service charge. Truckee Reservations cannot store any lost items for more than 30 days after your departure.

Transfer Policies
You may request a transfer to another Truckee Reservations Home up to thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled arrival date. A transfer fee of $50 will be charged for all transfers. Transfers requested less than 30 days prior to your confirmed arrival date will be treated as a cancellation (refer to cancellation policy above). All transfers are subject to Truckee Reservations approval.  

Substitution of Accommodations
Truckee Reservations reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations without notice or liability in the event of sale or unavailability of property.  If there are no comparable units available, the renter will have the option of choosing from properties that are available or a full refund.  Truckee Reservations will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible should a substitution be necessary.

All of our properties are equipped with at least one television, some of the homes also have other types of electronic equipment but each one is different. Operating instructions are available in each home. Truckee Reservations cannot guarantee against malfunction of the television, stereo, DVD or any other mechanical appliance as well as cable service malfunctions. Truckee Reservations will not refund any portion of rents for mechanical failure. Truckee Reservations will make every effort to have repairs made if possible. 

Most homes are equipped with phones for local phone calls. Long distance phone calls are not permitted unless a phone card or other means of personal billing is used. Should there be any long distance charges to the rental property, these charges will be added to the credit card of record for your reservation. Cell phone service is limited in some areas depending on your cell phone provider. 

All Truckee Reservations rental properties are privately owned and individually furnished. All homes are represented to accommodate a maximum number of guests in beds comfortably. Some homes may also include additional sleeping arrangements such as sleeper couches or futons. If these additional accommodations do not provide a private sleeping space, they are not included in the sleep count for the home, but will be listed separately. All furnishings are cleaned regularly to provide each guest with the most comfortable vacation accommodations possible. If you find any of the regular furnishing damaged or unsatisfactory, please notify Truckee Reservations of the deficiency immediately. 

Hot Tubs
Some Truckee Reservations rental properties have hot tubs on the property. For safety reasons, all guests are required to follow the instructions outlined in the Hot Tub Agreement. Each hot tub is inspected before and after each reservation to ensure cleanliness and that it is working properly. If the hot tub is not working properly, please call the office or emergency line.

What is there and what you need to bring
All Truckee Reservations homes offer many exceptional amenities. All homes are furnished with an appropriate supply of glassware, flatware and dishes, as well as all necessary cookware and utensils, and basic spices and condiments. Most homes have a BBQ, either gas or charcoal, as the homeowner prefers but are not available in the winter. All living areas and sleeping areas are furnished appropriately for the size of the home. A starter roll of paper towels and bath tissue are provided along with a limited amount of backup supplies. Personal Comfort Items are provided as well as dish and laundry detergent but you may wish to bring your own. Each home has all necessary bed and bath linens. All homes have a washer and dryer or access to a washer and dryer. If you have special culinary demands, please bring any additional cooking accessories that you may need. You may also want to bring any additional personal entertainment equipment, laptops, game players or other accessories for your stay. If you have booked an extended visit, you may wish to bring additional bed and bath linens. 

Truckee Reservations requires that guests report all damage immediately. Fire and water damage will need immediate attention and evaluation to determine any additional health and safety risk. Any damage above and beyond normal wear and tear will be charged to the credit card of record. Please if you have any questions, call our office. 

Truckee Reservations and our property owners make every effort to keep our properties and its equipment in proper working order. In the unlikely event that any system or appliance becomes inoperable, notify Truckee Reservations immediately. We cannot guarantee heating and air conditioning, appliances, cable service, television, etc. We will make every effort to repair any inoperable system or appliance as soon as is reasonable, given the nature of the failure. No refunds will be made for mechanical malfunctions or operator error. After hours emergencies are charged at a rate of $75 an hour. 

Housekeeping Fee
An appropriate housekeeping fee will be added to the rental price of all vacation homes at the time your reservation is confirmed. This fee covers the cost of basic sanitary housekeeping and linens. The Housekeeping Fee is noted in your Rental Confirmation and is based on the size of the property and the sleeping capacity. A departure clean is performed after each check-out, including sanitizing the bathrooms and kitchen, light dusting, vacuuming, fresh linens and towels and replacing personal convenience items. Additional cleaning, food and trash removal, and/or furniture re-arrangement will be charged to the credit card of record for the reservation at a rate of $45 an hour. Please follow the departure instructions concerning linens, garbage and starting the dishwasher.

This rental agreement is a legally binding agreement between the guest and Truckee Reservations. Your reservation and signed rental agreement bind you to a specific property for a specific period of time. There should be no expectation of refunds, rate adjustments, or relocation because you are disappointed with the property you have rented or in the event that something associated with the property is not working to your satisfaction. Truckee Reservations will make every attempt to correct any problem that arises during your stay in a timely manner. There are no refunds for poor snow conditions, severe weather, road closures, traffic delays, early departures, illness or injury, mechanical breakdown, or household appliance failure.   

Reservation Fee
A non-refundable Reservation Fee that is 10% of the nightly rent is applied to all reservations.

Method of Payment
For your convenience, Truckee Reservations accepts Visa, Master Charge, Discover credit cards. No personal checks. 

Check-in and Checkout at Truckee Reservations
You may check-in any time after 4 PM on the first day of your scheduled arrival. Early check-in can be accommodated in some circumstances. We must be certain that your rental accommodations are in safe and sanitary condition before you check in. If you have special needs, please contact our office prior to your arrival. Our checkout time is 11 AM (except during holidays). If you have not checked out of your rental home by this time, our cleaners will notify the office and you will be charged a late check-out fee of $100 so please help us by being out of the home on time. Cleaning crews are scheduled immediately following your checkout to allow enough time to prepare the accommodations for the next guest. Please review our checkout checklist below to ensure that you do not leave any personal property behind, you are not charged for any unnecessary extra cleaning charges. Be certain that heat is on and the thermostat is set at 55* to prevent costly freeze damage.

Checkout Checklist
Please put all dishes, glassware, and silverware into dishwasher and run the dishwasher as you leave the unit. Please take all leftover food with you or dispose of it. Take all trash to the metal garbage enclosure at the front of the property. Please leave the used beds unmade and put all used bath linen on the bathroom or laundry floor. Turn off all the lights. Be certain that the heater is on and the thermostat is set to 55* all year round. Return all furniture to its original position in the unit. Please close and lock all doors and windows. 

Rental Properties are for Adult Family Vacations Only
Truckee Reservations gladly rents to families and responsible adults over the age of 25 years old. Our Liability Policy, set by historical industry precedent, prohibits Truckee Reservations from renting to groups under the age of 25 and/or to groups exceeding the maximum sleeping capacity listed for any individual home. This policy is designed to protect Truckee Reservations, the Homeowner, and the property itself from liability and/or actual damage from irresponsible tenancy and abuse. Truckee Reservations reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone who does not meet these criteria. 

If requested we will send you a map to your vacation home at the same time we send the lock box code.  

Wildlife and Trash
You are vacationing in wild country. We are all guests in the habitat of the local wildlife. At any time of the year you may see deer, raccoon, porcupine, coyote, skunk, squirrel, chipmunk and BEAR. All local wildlife scavenges for their food. Encouraging wildlife guest visits with treats and handouts is dangerous and illegal. All homes have a poacher-proof metal garbage enclosure at the head of the driveway. Please put all garbage inside this enclosure and be certain that it is locked securely. If you have excessive trash, please contact the rental office and leave any additional trash in the locked garage. If you do have poachers in your trash, please let them poach.  Do not try to intervene. Please wait until morning to thoroughly clean the area of all trash. We will assess clean-up charges if garbage is left out or not secured properly. Per Tahoe Donner Covenants: “Dumping Ashen Materials. No person shall dispose of charcoal briquettes or ashen material of any kind on any portion of a lot, if such creates a risk of fire or an unsightly condition.” Guests will be charged for clean-up of any such material that is dumped outside the home or any damage associated with the dumping of these materials.

Weather and Road Conditions 
All of our rental homes are in an area where weather and roads are challenging in the winter and during bad weather. There will be no refunds for bad and/or closed roads. We recommend that all guests have chains and cold weather safety items in their vehicles any time they visit the Truckee area. Some of the homes have upslope or down slope driveways that present challenges to vehicles and you may need 4 wheel-drive, AWD, ice melt and/or chains for safe navigation of these driveways. The owners and Truckee Reservations try to provide ice melt during the winter. All driveways will be plowed by a snow removal company after an accumulation of at least 4 inches but you may encounter a berm left at the end of the driveway when the Town of Truckee plows the road. The snow removal companies try to come back to each to remove these after all the driveways are plowed. Each snow removal company has their own schedule but it is not uncommon for them to do the majority of the snow removal on driveways at night.

Construction near Your Rental Property
The Truckee-Tahoe area is a continuously growing community. There are many construction projects underway in our area at any given time. We cannot guarantee that you will not be affected by construction noise and/or traffic. Under extreme circumstances, depending on season and availability, Truckee Reservations may be able to relocate you to similar suitable accommodations. If you should be exposed to excessive loud music or bad language, please call our office and we will attempt to contact the contractor for remedy.  

Tahoe Donner Amenities Pass Instructions/ Rules And Regulations
The Trout Creek Recreation Center facility has a fitness center, pools and a spa. Trout Creek is for association members and their guests only. The facility is located at 12790 Northwoods Boulevard. For more information please call (530) 587-9437. Trout Creek Recreation Center is open daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Adult pool and spa close at 9:50 PM

     No glassware is allowed in facility
     Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the facility 
     The "swim sticker" is applicable only during summer operation 
     Must be at least 18 years old to use fitness room w/o parental permission
     Users 14-17 must have a waiver signed by a parent before using the fitness room

To use Trout Creek Recreation Center, take the passes along with $8.00 for everyone over the age of 7 and enjoy!  Children 6 and under are FREE. Each pass will allow 4 people access to the amenity of your choice.
Check out for more information

Spa / Hot Tub Agreement
If renting a house with a spa and/or hot tub:  I understand that any use of the spa and/or hot tub by me, my guests or others renting this home is at our own risk. Furthermore, I/we have agreed to release this rental company, its Owner or Owners, its Agents and Assigns, the property owner and their respective Agents and Assigns from all claims, loss, damage or causes of action arising out of, or related to, the use of the spa and/or hot tub at the premises either by the guest / renter(s) or the guest / renter (s) guests during the term of this rental.
there are hot tub rules and regulations posted in the home by the hot tub that all persons using the tub must read.
Spa Rules
•    Remove cover and set to side of spa, please do not lie on deck. 
•    No glassware, bottles, food or candles or smoking in and around the spa. 
•    Please do not use any items such as toys, washcloths or clothing. They can get sucked into the filter and ruin the pump. 
•    Do not, under any circumstances, remove the filter cover. 
•    Do not use any electrical appliances near the spa. 
•    If the water level is below the jets please call.
•    No Children under the age of six (6) or under 30 pounds.
•    All children under the age of ten (13) must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or older)
•    This is a SPA, NOT a pool. Overuse will affect water quality. 
•    DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON COVER. Replacement cost is $600. 
•    If excessive cleaning is required there will be a charge.


Always add 1 tsp. of chlorine granules to spa after every use & run pump or jets for ½ hour.
Spa Warnings
•    Take care in entering and exiting the spa. Ice forms quickly on deck. 
•    Those who are pregnant have heart problems; asthma or poor physical health should not use the spa. Alcohol use increases the intensity of spa use. Please monitor your own health condition before deciding to use the spa.
•    Certain people may have sensitivity to bromine or chlorine. If you experience coughing or itching, leave spa immediately and shower. 
•    It is recommended that healthy adults not exceed 20 minutes in the spa. 

Truckee Reservations Pet Friendly Agreement
We allow pets as long as they are agreed to in advance. You MUST clean up after your pet.  That includes properly disposing of all waste material. If any waste material is found on the property, you will be charged to your security deposit for cleaning. You must also maintain control of your pet at all times, and NEVER leave a pet unattended. If you are leaving for the day and don't want to take the pet with you, you must put it in a place in the home that will prevent any damage from occurring (e.g. garage) or find alternative solutions to leaving the pet alone at our property. You must clean the home to the same level it was when you arrived; meaning pet hairs should not be visible. Any complaints from neighbors regarding excessive noise or other nuisances may be cause for immediate termination of the rental. 
    1.  We understand that: 
(a) We may be asked to make an additional Cleaning/Damage Deposit. 
(b) No pet may be left on the premises unless a responsible adult is also present or the pet must be crated if left in the home alone.
(c) Outside the premises, all pets must be on a leash, but no pet shall be tied outside the unit unless supervised by a responsible adult. 
(d) Pets are not allowed on the furniture, I will be charged if any pet hair is found on furnishings or bedding.
(e) Pets are not allowed to disturb other guests or neighbors in other properties.  
2. We recognize that violation of these terms shall constitute the right of termination of reservation.  We further agree to be responsible for all COSTS and EXPENSES due to any damage caused by or on account of our pet(s). We recognize that pet hair on furnishings will be considered damage.
3. During the spring, summer and fall months (May thru October), it is required that all pets have a flea/tick collar on when residing in any of the rental homes.

Just a reminder, please respect our rental homes as if they were your own, they are personal investments of our clients.   We take great pride in maintaining beautiful mountain getaways and providing great care and service to our owners and renters.  


•    Come in, relax and have a nice time!

Instructions below are for Ski Bowl Condos and Lodgettes only

One parking pass will be supplied to each unit – this will be in the unit you are renting, please put it in your car window hanging from the mirror. A $10 replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged passes.The Lodge will not loan shovels, brooms, brushes to renters, please have your own equipment available for the winter conditions you will encounter in the Truckee area. If you car is snowed in, it is not the responsibility of the Lodgettes to dig you out. Please be aware that you might have to shovel snow while you are in the Lodgette parking lot in order to drive it

•    We recommend that you have chains for your car

•    Guests are not allowed to store their wet sports equipment and gear outside of their unit.

•    The lodgette manager will not supply blankets, pillows, heaters, pots and/or pans, any personal toiletries or any other items for the unit. The lodgette manager is not a property manager.

•    Pets are not permitted in the lodgettes, you will lose your reservation if you bring a pet into these units

•    Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep the noise level down

•    Lodgette only

•    All guests are required to sign in at the Lodgette office when you arrive, located in the lobby


•    Turn heat to 55 degrees
•    Close all blinds and curtains
•    Take all trash out to the trash enclosure and make sure it is closed securely (not required when renting Ski Bowl Condos and Lodgettes)
•    Do a thorough walk through of house and make sure all personal belongings have been accounted for, double check washer and dryer
•    Place dirty dishes in dishwasher and start the dishwasher, throw away all excess or unused food that you have left behind
•    Turn off all lights except for one exterior if needed
•    Strip the beds and put all dirty linens, sheets and towels in a pile to be washed 
•    Be sure to put all keys back in the lock box after making sure that ALL windows and doors are locked