Truckee Homeowner Information

There are many variables in marketing your Truckee home on the rental market; pricing, costs, availability. You can control some of these variables and use them to your best advantage. Others are inevitable costs of doing business. The following will help you decide how best to maximize your advantages and minimize your costs.

Can I use my own home? Of course you can. You are welcome to use your home whenever you wish. However, it may be in your best interest to avoid using your Truckee vacation home during peak vacation periods in order to generate the best return. Make your reservations at the quieter times of the year and relax. Make your reservations thru our owner web online booking system..

Sleep Count and Pricing.  Furnishing your Truckee home for the maximum sleep count can also maximize your returns. The sleep count, or “heads in beds” should not be misleading. Each advertised sleeping area should provide privacy as well as a bed (not a sofa cuch or futon). Foresight in furnishing lofts and game rooms can increase your revenue. Trundles and bunk beds can increase the number of heads in beds and still keep the guests off the couch.

Comfortable Furnishings.  Somewhere between “Motel Sterile” and “Frat House Comfy” is the perfect blend of tasteful comfort and premium utility. Your guests are paying premium prices for their vacation and so expect premium accommodations. Look carefully at all of your furnishings to determine the need for cleaning, repair or replacement. The difference between comfortable and worn out is usually the loss of a return visit.  Rental success can be built on those return visits. Also look at all of your utensils and appliances. Have you inspected and replaced as needed?  Do you have enough of all checklist items to accommodate a full house? Be sure that you are inviting your guest back.

Stock Up. If you were walking into your Truckee home for the first time, would you find it adequately furnished? Would you want to stay there and would you want to come back? It’s the little things that people notice and say, “We would love to stay in your home again!” The best way to get renters to come back to your home is to have it organized and have a generous supply in the kitchen of basic condiments as well as cleaning supplies in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. Here is a great tip from the cleaners, if you want people to clean up after themselves when they are renting your home, give them something to clean with! The more cleaning supplies you leave for renters, the better able they are to take care of your home. If you were going to cook a big meal in your home, would you have all the spices and pots necessary? Leaving those extra nice items in the kitchen will make those cooks want to come back again.

Instructions for Use

All rental and maintenance programs require an ongoing partnership. We look for a starting point. From there we establish the standard of service as partners. We will accomplish the following tasks together. 

Thorough Physical Inspection. Before we can begin any of our services we will conduct an inspection of your property from the inside out. From this inspection we can determine accurate pricing and market placement for your home. At this time we can also make recommendations for furnishing upgrades or changes to maximize the rental appeal and utility of your Truckee home.  

Deep Clean. An initial deep clean is necessary for all new homes on one of our rental or maintenance programs. Our professional housekeeping contractor will perform a complete deep clean of each home. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours and will be billed at $35 an hour. Deep cleans are required at least once a year.

Minimum Inventory. Each homeowner is responsible to maintain your home’s basic inventory of appropriate furnishings and amenities, glassware, flatware, and utensils.

Fees. Truckee Reservations will hold on account from each homeowner, for each home, a $500 operating reserve. When all or any portion of this reserve is used for any emergency, the reserve will be reimbursed from rental proceeds or billed to the owner.

Insurance. Please discuss the appropriate level of coverage against any rental liability with your insurance professional.  

Truckee Hot Tub Service. All homes that have hot tubs that are on a rental program, must have professional spa service. We recommend that service in the high season should be once a week, while in the slow season twice a month is usually satisfactory, depending on the number and type of rentals. This is a safety issue as well as a selling point when renting the home.

Personal Property. We recommend that you remove your personal property such as clothing and personal hygiene items. If you would like to provide a list of other personal property and update  it periodically, we will keep it in your owner folder.

Warranties and Instructions. Please create a folder to include all operating instructions and warranty information for all appliances and electronic equipment. Also create a step-by-step procedure list for any system that requires any special instructions. Consider all home systems, including thermostats and alternate heat sources such as wood and pellet stoves. 

Doors and Windows. We recommend that all windows and sliding doors have screens. All exterior doors must have dead bolt locks.  If your home has an alarm system, please provide all codes, passwords and monitoring company contacts and information.

Bear Boxes. Truckee Reservations requires that all homes on any of our Truckee rental programs have a locking metal garbage enclosure.          

Decks and Patios. Homeowners will furnish all decks and patios with appropriate outdoor furniture in good condition.  Each home will have a BBQ or gas grill.

Guest Passes. If your neighborhood or homeowners association offers guest passes for recreation facilities and other amenities, you must provide passes for rental guest use. 

Owner Lockups.  Please dedicate at least one closet as locked storage.  Keep your favorite sheets, towels and comforters for your personal use. Each bedroom must have at least one closet for renters use. Please leave plenty of access to kitchen and pantry storage for your guests.

Water and Thermostats.  All homes must have an easily accessible water shut-off inside the house. Upon exiting your home, all representatives of Truckee Reservations, their staff, crew and contractors, and all homeowners and homeowner’s guests will set the home thermostat to 50* or 55*  and turn the domestic water OFF. This is a firm company policy and a condition of participation in any Truckee Reservations rental or maintenance program.

Management Rates

  • Vacation Rentals:
    • Management Fee: 25% 
  • Vacation Rentals where Owner pays for VRBO
  • Management Fee 23%
    • Ski and Summer Leases:
  • Management Fee: 20%
    • Long Term Program:
  • Management Fee 12% of Monthly Rent 
  • Maintenance Only Program:

Variable Monthly Rate: from $40 a month to $100 a month 

VRBO Program

A VRBO program will be an individual owner choice. If the owner is a current member of VRBO, then we will have a fee of 25% and we will market to fill openings between their bookings. If an owner wants to go on the VRBO website, we will facilitate that by taking the photos and entering the information. The owner will pay Truckee Reservations the yearly VRBO amount and the management fee will be 23%. All reservations will come thru Truckee Reservations. An owner already on VRBO can choose to facilitate their reservations by participating in our Maintenance Only program (Rates below).

Long Term Rental Program

Long term rentals in Trcukee are generally a year long lease in an unfurnished home. Truckee Reservations will advertise home, show home, check references of potential renters, collect rent on a monthly basis and facilitate an necessary maintenance. Management fee is of 12% of the monthly rent.

Maintenance Only Program

A Maintenance Only program will be $40 a month. This will include monthly inspections of your Truckee home, if the owner so chooses.

Other Rates

Home Inspections

          Once a week - $100

          Twice a month - $60

          Monthly - $40 

Spa Service

          Once a week - $120

          Twice a month - $70

          Monthly - $50

Spa Service combined with Home Inspections

          Once a week - $150

          Twice a month - $95

           Monthly - $70 

Home Cleaning

         $35 an hour or quote determined by size of home

Snow Removal

         $45 an hour

Handyman and Maintenance Service

         $40 - 50 an hour

         Larger jobs are offered by quote

After Hours, Holidays, Weekends and Emergency Calls

         $75 an hour, with minimum of one hour.

We will facilitate other services as needed, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, defensible space, staining decks, driveway sealing, chimney cleaning, pest removal and any other maintenance issues that require professional services, with a service charge of 25% added to bill.